Digital law is in the heart of NEXT expertise, for both regulatory and contractual issues.
NEXT’s attorneys have accompanied all the I.T. and network evolutions over the past 20 years.
We offer assistance for all your legal issues in I.T., Internet, digital transformation, eCommerce, eReputation, eMarketing.



No I.T. projects can put aside a contractual framework. The agreement is not only a legal formality, it expresses the client’s expectations and the provider’s promises. Both must be accurately drafted.

NEXT’s attorneys have specific experience in the negotiation and drafting of I.T. agreements, in all types of projects: software product integration, specific software development, web or mobile applications, guidance and assistance in project management, V-model or Agile method, we will customize the agreement to meet your objectives and constraints, essential for managing your project.

Integration – Development – Agile Method – Project Management


Maintenance, hosting, recovery plan, etc., the outsourcing of an I.T. function requires a specific contractual framework.

Pricing model, SLA, reversibility, service catalogue: NEXT’s attorneys shall customize the contractual solutions with you.

Maintenance – Hosting – SLA – Reversibility – BCP


Paas, Saas, Iaas, the cloud computing has revolutionized the purchasing and use of I.T. resources. For many CIO or purchasing departments, the identification of the applicable law and rules is not easy to identify and understand.

NEXT’s lawyers regularly propose contractual templates for cloud service suppliers, such as AWS or Azure, and shall assist you to identify and control the legal risks attached to the cloud’s flexibility.

Saas – Iaas


The software package’s economic model implies an accurate setup by the user companies. Users’ definition, price list modification, license audits, NEXT’s lawyers are experienced in the negotiation of software user license agreements and pre-litigation issues related to license audits.

Licence / maintenance – License audit – Saas


Technical assistance services generate specific risks with regard to intellectual property and labor law.

General Terms and Conditions of Service
Employee sublease


The information systems are constantly subject to attacks. The threats are both internal and external. If your company is subject to a computer hack, NEXT’s attorneys will assist you with the setup of the appropriate measures: safeguard evidence, internal investigation, criminal complaint and data breach notification to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL).




The legal constraints are often under estimated by digital entrepreneurs. Establishing General Terms and Conditions of Use, General Terms and Conditions of Sale or General Terms and Conditions of Service shall not be sufficient. Online services, on the Internet or mobiles, are subject to numerous and complex regulations: consumer law, platform law, online payment law, data protection law, which also include sector regulations (e.g. financial services, tourist and travel services). Working on digital business projects also requires a legal validation.

NEXT’s lawyers shall assist you to identify your legal risks and provide essential solutions.

General Terms and Conditions of Use / General Terms and Conditions of Sale / General Terms and Conditions of Service – Consumer law – Online order process – Platforms / marketplaces – Electronic payment and currency.


Internet has transformed the issues of defamation and denigration. A French law dating back to the end of the XIXth century is however applicable to social networks. All companies and professionals are assessed. Information which is disclosed and deleted remains permanently referenced by Google.

NEXT’s lawyers can advise you on the procedures to be setup to defend your e-reputation or your company’s reputation.

Dereferencing – Defamation – Right to forget – Image Right


Cookies and tracers, programming advertizing, RTB platforms, retargeting, custom or lookalike audiences, SDK geo-tracking for smartphones, etc., digital marketing is becoming more complex and creative. Yet the possibilities offered to promoters by digital agencies often ignore the legal constraints relating to the data protection and privacy, and sanctions have already been issued in this sector.

NEXT’s lawyers will be able to assist you with regard to the applicable law to digital advertising.

Tracers and cookies – Re-targeting – Program advertising


NEXT’s lawyers are familiar with the French national gaming regulatory authority and will assist you with your authorization requests with this authority for all your online gaming projects. NEXT’s attorneys will also assist you with the setup of commercial lotteries in compliance with the French Consumer Code and Domestic Security Code.

ANJ – Authorization – Regulation – Games – Competition


Bringing together digital and creative law is the originality of NEXT avocats. Digital and creative law share the same sources: contract law, intellectual property law and tort law. NEXT’s lawyers have significant and recognized expertise in these areas, both in consulting and litigation.