NEXT’s lawyers are the legal partners for all creation sector activities. Live shows, music, audiovisual, new forms of entertainment, we assist the creators and producers to ensure the legal security of their events and creations.


NEXT’s lawyers have a recognized expertise in the live show sector. They have been accompanying live show producers and venues for many years on all the important legal issues related to their activity: agreements for ticket distribution, show license agreements, taxation for the entertainment sector, fight against unlawful ticket touts, relation with collecting societies, employment contracts for performers, etc.

NEXT’s lawyers also represent the live show sector professionals with public authorities, the Legislator and before the highest courts such as the French Constitutional Court.

Ticketing – Unlawful ticket touts – VAT – Live show taxation – Tickets distribution – Performers – Copyright – SACEM – SACD


The legal issues in this sector are complex: authors or performers’ collective companies, copyright and neighboring rights, producers and editors, statutory license, etc., most companies and often professionals in this sector are unaware of these players’ statutory prerogatives, in which customary practice rules are important.

Order an original version of music, record music, sound support music for an event are all part of NEXT’s expertise. NEXT’s lawyers will assist you in these operations and ensure that the rights are respected.

Order of original music – Performer hiring agreements – Edition agreement – License agreement – Reproduction / Representation


The audiovisual and cinema activity sectors have been radically changed by the digital technologies both in terms of creation and viewing.

NEXT’s lawyers assist the producers and technical industries with the new legal issues resulting from the digital technologies. NEXT’s lawyers are the regular counsels for animation studios and laboratories ensuring the digital registration of audiovisual works.

Production – Distribution – Digital registration – Production assistance


Design professions are practiced in different forms: industrial designs, service design, etc.

NEXT’s lawyers provide advice and assistance for the protection of designs and models, and their exploitation.

Filing of designs and models – Transfer agreements – Edition agreements


Bringing together digital and creative law is the originality of NEXT avocats. Digital and creative law share the same sources: contract law, intellectual property law and tort law. NEXT’s lawyers have significant and recognized expertise in these areas, both in consulting and litigation.